Month: May 2016

What Makes The Sound Of The Minute Repeater So Amazing?

The history of Repeater can be traced back to the invention of electric light. In dark environments, lighting a fuel lamp is time consuming. To this end, the watchmaker establishes a mechanism for asking the watch so that the pocket watch can tell the time as needed. EdwardBarlow and DanielQuare both claimed to be the inventors of their questionnaires, and in 1687 DanielQuare received this patent. At the beginning, the bell mechanism used the bell to ring the time, and later replaced it with a spring, saving space. At the beginning, there was no minute repeater (MinuteRepeater), but a quarter repeater (QuarterRepeater), which sounded the closest moment.

Thinner and lighter: BVLGARI OctoFinissimo minute repeater carbon fiber watch proves that it can push the boundaries of the minute repeater.
 After switching from a pocket watch to a wristwatch, the application of the interrogation mechanism became rare. On the one hand, the limited space of the watch makes it difficult to assemble the watch mechanism; on the other hand, the invention of the electric lamp has also almost completely eliminated the need for such complicated functions and expensive timepieces. After the quartz crisis, the industry and the public have renewed interest in the questionnaire mechanism. Today, many top brands have minute repeaters, sometimes even combined with other complex functions, which are not practical, just as proof of superb micromechanical art.

The minute repeater timepiece does not have to be a classic, just like the classic fusion cathedral three minute tourbillon watch launched by Hublot and star pianist Lang Lang.
 The quality of the minute repeater is determined by the sound quality. The sound quality includes not only the tone (voice) and volume (size) of the notes, but also the audio (speed). This complex mechanism requires a lot of energy, and the alarm also negatively affects the amplitude of the watch, which in turn affects its accuracy.

Lange (A. Lange & So) hne) solves the challenge of power management well. This owl watch not only has the function of jumping time and minute, but also has the function of minute repeater.
 The minute repeater requires the movement to have excellent power management capabilities, but the case itself also plays an important role. The material of the case has a great influence on the sound of the spring, but not only that, other factors include the shape of the case and the interaction of other components that make up the case. Many watchmakers will build a ‘sound cavity’ inside the case, so that the spring can complete the task under the best conditions, and the volume will be slightly amplified.

The Breguet series 7087 repeater tourbillon watch is equipped with a magnetic adjuster. The gong is made of two metal wires, and the dial side is visible.
 Of course, in order to achieve the best results, the gong needs time to sound, and the regulator comes in handy. The Breguet magnetic regulator is composed of silver weights. This patented system keeps the rate constant, which ensures that the taps maintain a stable rhythm, regardless of the number of taps. It is an important part of the minute repeater. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)