Month: April 2016

Bvlgari Bvlgari Supports The Restoration Of The Caracalla Baths In Rome

On June 21, 2016, Jean-Christophe, CEO of Bulgari Jean-Christophe Babin, head of the Colosseum and the supervision of the ancient city of France Francesco Prosperetti jointly announced that it will continue the restoration of the colorful mosaic floor tiles of the fitness field on the west side of the Caracala Baths. With the full support of Bulgari, the restoration of the ancient city of Caracalla by the Roman City Supervision Bureau has been successfully completed. Against the background of stunning restoration results, Jean-Christophe﹒ Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin announced that Bulgari will continue to support mosaic tiles adjacent to the restored area but not yet restored. Before the restoration project started, the western fitness field was covered with cloth and soil to prevent the situation from further deterioration.

(From left to right) Marina Piranomonte, director of the Baths of Caracalla, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bvlgari, Francesco Prosperetti, head of supervision of the Colosseum and the ancient city of Rome, and Anna Borzomati, builder
 Bulgari is passionate about restoration projects, and brand designers have long been fascinated by Roman monuments. The Bulgari Divas’Dream jewellery collection is inspired by Roman monuments. Its classic fan shape is a refined reproduction of the pure and perfect lines of the Caracalla bath mosaic. For Bvlgari, the restoration project is a tribute to the brand’s inspiration.

Kalakala Baths Color Mosaic Floor Tiles Restoration Project Site

Repair process of color mosaic floor tiles in Caracala baths

 Francisco. Prosperetti said: ‘Today, we celebrate the perfect end of the restoration project and celebrate the launch of the equally exciting new project. The Caracalla Baths have become a treasure trove in the heart of Rome’s Eternal City. Here you will experience the city of Rome Unparalleled glorious history. For a brand like Bulgari, its infinite passion and creativity are designed to create eternal beauty. Such beautiful monuments have given us a continuous stream of inspiration, and we are even more proud of it. This decision continues The refurbishment project is by no means accidental. Bulgari hopes to re-glow the city of Rome, which has been too long dusted, to return to the Caracalla baths. ‘

Citizen Wangfujing Chenxi Department Store Grand Opening

Recently, Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, unveiled its largest flagship store in Beijing at Chenxi Department Store in Wangfujing, Beijing. The frontage store with a total area of ​​more than 200 square meters is elegant and gorgeous, exquisite and intimate. It not only displays the latest and most comprehensive models of Citizen, but also has a maintenance service center designed to bring customers a more relaxed, comfortable and thoughtful all-round shopping. Experience. The establishment of a flagship store in ‘China Business First Street’ with an average daily passenger flow of more than 600,000 people demonstrates the strong corporate strength of Citizen and further strengthens the brand’s mid-to-high-end status. Grand Opening of Citizen Wangfujing Chenxi Department Store’s Flagship Store
On the bustling Wangfujing Commercial Street, the Citizen flagship store is adjacent to other world’s top watch brand stores, echoing the Citizen clock on the pedestrian street landmark clock tower building. The large glass windows facing the street greet the bright sunlight, which makes the whole shop shining. The most prominent watch models of the brand are displayed in the display window, which will gather the attention of pedestrians here, and write the classics and brilliance of Citizen in a gorgeous and elegant way. Step into the store, the spacious store hall will eliminate the noise and crowding outside the door, soft lighting and transparent design create a warm and elegant world. The store is carefully laid out. In addition to the sales area and display area, a VIP lounge area is specially created, which not only provides guests who come to the store with a comfortable and comfortable viewing and shopping space; it also allows consumers to enjoy the patience of shopping guides. Explain and appreciate the video materials, so that you can fully experience the innovative technology and taste life brought by the brand.
The flagship store has a wide range of watches, including Citizen Eco-Drive, multiple radio waves, super titanium, perpetual calendar and more than 300 watches, business formal, casual sports models, or trend-setting fashion models, all available, Fully meet the diverse needs of various consumers. This not only demonstrates the strength of Citizen’s product research and development, but also highlights the brand’s corporate philosophy of providing high-end products and high-level services to all citizens of the world. The shop also has a designated maintenance service center. With fast response capabilities, high-quality service attitude, and professional services at the leading industry level, we pay close attention to every detail of user needs and sincerely provide customers with more thoughtful and considerate services. This move is also a practical implementation of the brand’s unique ‘True Service System’ measures.
To date, Citizen has opened 8 flagship stores and 27 specialty stores in mainland China, and has been increasing the pace of market channel construction. ‘The opening of the Citizen Flagship Store of Chenxi Department Store this time, stands on the first street of China Commercial Street with the image of’ large scale, many styles, good environment and good service ‘. This is another milestone breakthrough for the brand in terms of channel construction. Looking at the future and adhering to the spirit of never-ending innovation, Citizen will continue to surpass itself and fully meet the higher requirements of Chinese consumers for products and services. ‘- –