Month: December 2015

Tissot Lirock Photography, Vision And Product Design Competition’ Judges Huang Bingpei

Mr. Huang Bingpei, another well-known artist and designer who is well respected in the fields of design, photography, art and other fields, has been committed to promoting the local design culture in recent years, hoping to guide Hong Kong’s aspiring design Young people in the industry are on the road to design with the right concept. Talking about the mentality of designers to participate in design competitions, another mountain guy gave a simple but meaningful answer: ‘Be honest and be yourself’.
    Regarding the science of design, another mountaineer thinks that designers should always ask themselves a question: ‘Why not?’ For all the problems in life, as long as you are enthusiastic and foolish Ask yourself: ‘Why not?’ Often inspires problem solving. People in another mountain feel that design can not only change life, but also inspire life: the focus of design is not how it looks good, but how to express the designer’s own perspective to his audience: ‘different design, can Amazing, moving design, design that can change the world we live in and bring joy to it, is good design. ‘
    People from another mountain urge young people who are willing to join the design industry to take the right attitude: work hard, have enthusiasm and focus, be honest, and be responsible for the world we live in. The mentality of designers participating in design competitions should be the same: ‘You should not seek for names, you should not seek profits, you should consider it as your task and challenge.’
    People from another mountain have recently been invited to be judges of the “Tissot Le Locle Photography, Visual and Product Design Competition”. The competition is divided into three categories: visual design, product design and photography. Designers, artists and photographers are welcome. , Students and art enthusiasts exert unlimited creativity to express the theme of this competition by design: the birthplace of Swiss Tissot, a famous Swiss watchmaking city, and the United Nations World Cultural Heritage Le Locle. Festival Hill will work with the remaining three judges to select outstanding works in each group to promote Hong Kong’s design and creative culture.
Mr. Huang Bingpei (Youyishanren) Personal Profile
    In 1980, he graduated from the Department of Design and Application of Hong Kong Normal University of Business and Technology. He has worked for a number of advertising companies, and has made multiple developments in design, photography, art and other fields. He has won more than 500 awards locally and internationally. Mr. Huang Bingpei’s most famous work is the ‘Red, White and Blue: Drinking Cup of Tea and Being Full’ that he exhibited at the Venice Art Biennale in 2005. Just won the 2011 Hong Kong Art Development Awards for the Best Artist of the Year (Visual Arts) Award. In recent years, Mr. Wong Ping Pui has dedicated his teaching to teaching design ideas to design students in Hong Kong.