Month: August 2015

The Steel Case Watch Worth 250,000 Yuan Is Not Worth Vacheron Constantin’s New World-wide 7700v Watch

I like Vacheron
Constantin’s friends believe that they will not be unfamiliar with the watch series. The ‘Overseas’ series is a top-end luxury steel case sports watch that is juxtaposed with Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak. Since its launch in 1996, this series of watches has won the love of watch fans with its elegant and stylish appearance. At this year’s SIHH, VC launched three new Oversea vertical and horizontal series watches, which are self-produced three-pin automatic 4500V, self-produced timing 5500V, and self-produced ultra-thin women’s watch 2000V, really let the majority of VC lovers Feasting. However, in May of this year, a new series was added to the horizontal and vertical series. The launch of the new world time 7700V watch is undoubtedly another surprise for watch fans.

   The new 7700V watch, which adds the world time function to this classic series, has a 37-time zone time display. Although VC is not the first time to launch a product with this feature, the 2015 Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time Watch, equipped with 2460
This function is already available in the WT world’s own production movement. But Traditionnelle is a typical dress watch, and this 7700V watch fills the ‘blank’ of the world watch series.

   The center dial of this watch is a three-dimensional rotatable map of the world (view point in the northern hemisphere), and the continent is highlighted in the ocean. The land is beautifully sunburst satin, while the ocean is velvety. Surrounding the plain world map is the 37 time zone city ring. Common world time watches are in 24 time zone. Only the whole hour time zone, VC has selected the full 37 time zone function, including a few half hour time zone or 45 minute time zone, such as UTC + 5: 30 India, UTC + 12: 45 New Zealand (Chatham Islands) are typical representatives of these two time zones. Technically, of course, it is more advanced. The disadvantage is that the city ring has only 3 laps. Not only does it look more complicated, but most of us may not use it. The outer ring is a 24-hour dial that provides day and night indication. The outermost circle is the hour minute scale.

   The central hour hand, minute hand and second hand are all made of 18K gold, and the middle is coated with white light-emitting material, which also has good readability in low-light environments. All function settings can be done with the crown only.

   This 7700V watch is a stainless steel case. Although it is still a classic shape, the 43.5mm watch and the thickness of 12.6mm make this 7700V the largest watch in the vertical and horizontal series.
   The 7700V watch has a new transparent bottom and bottom design. Although designed as a back-through movement, there is still soft iron anti-magnetic protection around the movement. It is equipped with a 2460 WT self-produced movement. WT is world
Time abbreviation for world time. The only difference between this movement and the 2460 WT on the Traditionnelle is the central rotor: the 22K gold rotor has a beautiful compass style.

   2460 WT is a movement designed and developed by Vacheron Constantin. All parts are manufactured and assembled by the brand itself. Its worldtimer is Vacheron Constantin’s patented technology with a vibration frequency of 28,800vph and enjoys a 40-hour power reserve. Finely polished with the Geneva mark.

   2460 WT automatic movement with Geneva mark, 22K yellow automatic oscillating weight, no card spring.

   The 7700V watch launched this time has three models: blue dial, gray white dial, and gray yellow. Although they all use a stainless steel case, the public price is still as high as 37,000 US dollars, which is about RMB 250,000. I do n’t know how many people are going to buy such a World Time watch?