Month: March 2015

The Ring Of Stars Cartier’s Fine Watches Shine Brightly

This new timepiece is surrounded by dazzling light, like the ring of Saturn in the depths of the universe. The deep black color comes from jade. For a long time, this gem has been given many symbolic meanings. Its unique texture, deep and precious, is carefully cut and shaped. Bright white comes from grain-paved diamonds. Brilliant-cut round and rose-cut diamonds alternately embellish the ring. Symbiosis and wonderful contrast-this watch is between the movement and the quiet, showing the balance of the oval shape. The mirror in the center of the diamond ring is also faceted.

   Cartier equipped this new work with the legendary 101 movement, which is one of the smallest manually wound mechanical movements in the world. The number of movements of Type 101 is extremely small. For eighty years, it has always been an indispensable core mechanism for fine jewelry watches. Master craftsmen take advantage of the petite size of this movement to gain a wider creative space when designing shapes and selecting materials.

   Black and white, smooth jade and grain paving, brilliant-cut round diamonds and rose-cut diamonds make a subtle contrast. It takes more than 600 hours to achieve such a balanced aesthetic. The Saturn ring decorative watch depicts the vast universe with delicate shapes, gorgeously combining elegant style and excellent craftsmanship. Saturn ring decoration watch in 18K white gold, diamonds, and black jade. Type 101 manual winding mechanical movement. Ingenious work.
From tiny to infinite
   This watch is like a mathematically refined work of art, with diamonds and black lacquer patterns alternating. The overall style is simple and atmospheric, and the delicate lines meander. Every piece of the work shows exquisitely carved details, and only the ingenious and complex mechanism can achieve such perfection. Cartier boldly challenges the limits of craftsmanship, highlighting the minimalist style with the right layout. The sapphire crystal mirror edge is beveled to blend with the bracelet. The watch is equipped with a type 101 manual-winding mechanical movement, one of the smallest in the world, showing outstanding precision.

   The Cartier à l’ infini watch is petite in size, and Sona’s symmetrical lines are memorable. It beats the pulse of vitality in the endless space, presenting a unique aesthetic and fine watchmaking style. Cartier à l’ infini watch in 18K white gold, diamonds and black lacquer. Type 101 manual winding mechanical movement.