Month: July 2014

Montblanc 2012 Young Musician Awards Grandly Revealed

October 28, 2012, Berlin-The 2012 Montblanc Young Musician Award (PRIX Montblanc 2012) was won by 26-year-old Hungarian cellist István Várdai. Montblanc Global CEO Lutz Bethge joins the Montblanc Young Musicians Jury Justus Frantz and Jürgen Christ in Berlin The Lin Concert Hall presented the award to Valday. Prizes include 10,000 euros and the precious Montblanc ‘Brams Musician Series Limited Donation Pen’. This remarkable and distinguished pen represents Montblanc’s highest tribute to artists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of classical music and art in the world. It also shows Montblanc’s consistent support for cultural and artistic projects. Among the special guests attending the Musician Awards are supermodel Karolina Kurkova and well-known performer Mischa Maisky.

Supermodel Carolina Kokuva wears Montblanc Monaco Princess Grace earrings bracelet at the Montblanc Young Musician Awards 2012
    Since 2006, Montblanc has always focused on the cultivation and growth of the rising stars of classical music. This year’s award winner, István Várdai, has won several international awards as a student, including the third prize of the 2007 Tchaikovsky International Award, the first prize of the 2008 Geneva Awards, and the International Awards at the David Boper Music Competition. He has a high reputation in Western Europe, Hungary, Russia, the United States and other places, and has worked with Ádám Fischer, Zoltán Kocsis, Simon Gaudenz, Howard Griffith, Josep Pons and other world-class conductors.

Pictured from left to right_model carolina kokova_winner cellist Valder_famous player Mysky

Montblanc Young Musicians Awards-International Awards for Music Rookies

Pictured from left to right_ Model Carolina Kokuwa _ Montblanc Global CEO Bellucci _ Famous performer Mysky attended the 2012 Montblanc Young Musician Awards

For many years, Montblanc has always been encouraged by awarding young musicians awards for rising stars in the classical music world. In 2006, the first Montblanc Young Musician winner, Tian Tian Yang, was praised as ‘the most important violinist of the future’ by Detroit News. In 2007, the young pianist Natansha Parimsky won the award. Since then she has appeared on large-scale stages in the United States, Europe and Asia. The 2008 Grand Prix winner is violinist Alina Iberakimova, praised by The Times as ‘the mainstay of the classical music world for decades to come’. The pianist Nikola Tokarev, praised by Frankfurt commentator as ‘one of the most outstanding young artists on the international music stage’, has won the 2009 Montblanc Young Musicians Award. In 2010, the awards judges especially praised Niu Niu and his outstanding performance. The award was won by the 26-year-old Armenian violinist Sergey Khachatryan in 2011. In addition, the awards jury lineup is also star-studded, including Philharmonic Orchestra music conductor Professor Justus Franz, internationally renowned percussion artist Professor Li Biao, senior musician, composer Tong Gen · Professor Chris and CEO of Montblanc International Berluci.

Pictured from left to right_Judges-Franz_Juventus-Chris_Winner Valder_Montblanc Global CEO Bellucci_Medical Performer Maisky– –

Zhou Yun Wore Piaget’s Piaget Jewellery Watch On The Red Carpet In Cannes. Elegance Helped Hou Xiaoxian’s ‘nie Yinniang’

On the evening of May 21, 2015, Cannes-The premiere of the film ‘Nie Yinniang’, shortlisted in the main competition of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, kicked off. As the film’s leading star, Zhou Yun appeared on the red carpet with other creators.

   On the red carpet, Zhou Yun’s Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose jewellery watch shining on the wrist and a gorgeous black velvet long skirt complement each other, showing the gentle charm of oriental women in an elegant atmosphere.
G0A39182 Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose

   That night, ‘Nie Yinniang’ won praises from domestic and foreign media after its premiere, and was regarded by many professional film critics as another masterpiece for this year’s Cannes Film Festival.