Month: August 2013

Vacational Scenery Party-langqin

εΊ” Response of holiday
Uphill into the sea
The heart of vacation should definitely be relaxed and natural; and the excitement of vacation projects should never be overstated. If you really arrange a flight, ski, or sea sports trip, professional sports watches are definitely the best choice. They are not spoilt, strong and durable, and bright colors, very suitable for the occasion.
Time and longitude and latitude
In the past, in the field of leisure watches, apart from chronographs and diving watches, few other types have been mentioned. On the one hand, those sports in China have not yet reached the stage of ‘popularity’; on the other hand, everyone’s requirements on watches and clocks are ‘necessary to wear this sports’, an inherent recognition. Who says you can wear a diving watch when you go diving, and a flight watch if you have a private jet? On the one hand, the flight watch has all the sports appearance and cool design of the sports watch, and also adds unique flight-specific elements, which are dynamic and elegant. Wear it, whether it is mind or feelings, there will be a kind of sky-like sunny and broad in the subconscious?
Altitude, latitude, and direction of flight. Even though navigation systems are now available, they have no smell when worn.

Longines Lindby Flight Watch
Refer to dealer for reference price
The Longines Linbai watch is the watch worn by the pilot Lin Bai in May 1927 when he piloted ‘Spirit of Saint Louis’ and left Roosevelt Airport in the United States to begin his first transatlantic flight in history. At that time he made his own drawings and designs, and then made the timepiece by Longines. During the flight, ensure that the time angle can be calculated quickly to determine the flight direction of the aircraft. To this day, radar systems and satellite navigation systems have already appeared, but the Lin Bai flight watch is still the brand’s best-selling style all the time, because it is memorable for its spirit and creativity, these cannot be copied.