Month: April 2013

Kunlun And Gérard Sené Launch A New Ti — Bridge Series Watch

Kunlun Watch cooperates with the famous tailor Mr. Gérard Sené to add new elements to the ‘Ti — Bridge’ series of watches and launch a brand new watch. Kunlun ‘Ti-Bridge’ titanium bridge automatic double winding watch has a series of unique long structure design, patented pioneering winding system and a newly developed mechanical movement, embedded in a new titanium case, absolutely Kunlun The watch is unique and exquisite. The latest watch has excellent golden bridge aesthetics, an outstanding collision between aesthetics and mechanics, and is available in limited editions.

   The new Ti — Bridge series watches follow the classic barrel-type case design of the series. The dial has a wide window to showcase the internal CO 207 movement. Adhering to the aesthetic design of the titanium bridge series, the new CO 207 movement is fixed in the center of the case by four titanium brackets; the watch sees through its internal structure, allowing superb watchmaking technology to perfectly show the eyes.

   Mr. Gérard Sené is a famous leather shoes master and tailor in Paris. His brand is loved by many people and has a unique French aesthetic. This time, he cooperated with Kunlun Watch to add French flavor to the ‘Ti — Bridge’ series of watches.

   The ‘Ti — Bridge’ series of watches is a mixture of tradition and modernity in Swiss watches, respecting traditional watchmaking technology, and has made bold innovations in watches. Gérard Sené designs menswear that also pursues this style. He follows the brand’s expertise and tries to reshape the rules of the art of clothing.

   The new Ti — Bridge watch with its level of avant-garde and unique design will belong to those who really appreciate it, this will be the perfect masterpiece between an outstanding master watch maker and a real leather expert Cooperation. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House.