Month: February 2013

Jewelry Watch Luxury Marketing List Patek Philippe Low-key Video Prominence

Jaeger-LeCoultre, Van Cleef & Arpels command video marketing, Piaget and Tiffany taste the sweetness from the movie, Cartier and Patek Philippe test the water micro-movie.

 The marketing of luxury goods follows the principle of ‘public relations + advertising’. The development of luxury goods in China in the early days was more based on word-of-mouth, and word-of-mouth communication was accomplished by means of public relations. For example, corporate marketing is held at company receptions and customer banquets, so that credible publicity strategies such as word of mouth become lubricants and boosters for luxury brand marketing.

公 When public relations and propaganda, the century-old history and the royal aristocracy will inevitably be linked. For the luxury brands with a long history, those users with distinguished social status and influential influence have achieved the added value of these brands.

The second is advertising. As an earlier batch of high-end watches that entered the Chinese market, Rolex had to admire the word of mouth between the rich and the government regardless of its technology. Later, Omega continued to sponsor Sports events, for example, the official timing of the London Olympics, as well as participating in the Apollo moon landing program, which has led to the formation of the Super Moon Landing Watch Series and so on.

Second, Omega’s advertising investment in China is huge. Omega’s annual advertising volume in print media in mainland China accounts for about 25% of total watch brand advertising.

时代 The era of video marketing for watches

For traditional paper media, hard and soft articles for luxury goods become their biggest profit point, but whether it is a distinctive supermodel blockbuster or an exquisite product picture, it is one-sided and single in the audience’s vision. Consumers can only see the products shown on the advertising screen.

So two brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Van Cleef & Arpels have made the watch making process into a video, so that consumers can more clearly see the value of a ‘astronomical’ watch and feel more intuitively. To the brand’s design team and production team for each watch or each piece of jewelry, and the constant pursuit of detail.

或是 Or some luxury brands have sponsored film festivals, sports events, art exhibitions, etc. while placing print ads. The awards ceremony “red carpet” often becomes the “battlefield” of various luxury brands. Each brand will invite stars to wear their clothing, jewelry, bags, etc., and use the media to expose and report on the event to highlight its brand value and Image.

Movie weapon

植入 Ad placement in movies has also been effective. For example, Piaget, a well-known Swiss watch and jewellery brand, has spared no effort to support film work. Following three consecutive years of supporting the Hong Kong Film Awards and other international film events, films released on March 21 this year ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’, Earl is the exclusive sponsor of the film watch and jewelry.

In the movie, whether it is the scene at the entrance of the Earl’s shop or the picture of Tang Wei’s selection of jewelry in the Earl’s shop is still vivid. In the movie, in order to highlight the change of Wen Jiajia’s attitude towards life as played by Tang Wei, the stylist carefully selected suitable accessories for Wen Jiajia from different periods to highlight his character. For example, Wen Jiajia wore Piaget when pursuing a luxurious life Rose diamond earrings and rings and Piaget Limelight Magic Hour watches are noble and elegant, while Wen Jiajia transformed into simple and elegant Piaget accessories such as Piaget Possession necklaces, watches and Piaget Heart. Appropriate jewellery coupled with Tang Wei’s acting skills, Piaget’s jewelry is not difficult to be remembered, and Piaget’s brand also intuitively displays its differentiated products for different consumer groups.

Another brand, Tiffany & Co., entered into a partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and Bazmark Film to become ‘The Great Gatsby’ directed by Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby) official jeweler.

Tiffany’s 175-year history seems to fit the story background of The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a loyal customer of Tiffany, and the first design director of Tiffany Louis Confort. Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany) used to travel to the celebrity social circle of Long Island, New York. It coincides with the golden age of luxury and richness in high-end jewelry in the novel. .

Sure enough, this implanted news was once again overwhelmingly publicized, and the fashion editors’ mailboxes were bound to contain press releases about Tiffany and Gatsby.

New marketing model: micro movie

In this era of mass information, reading is fast-food, and media culture is generally miniaturized. The micro-films that have gradually risen since 2011 have also become the focus of luxury goods. The advantage of this method of communication is that the content of the film is short, the transmission is fast, and the spread of new media is explosive.

On January 8, 2013, Cartier, a French jewellery and watch brand, launched the fourth chapter of Cartier’s true love movie, Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie. Taiwanese actress Chen Yanxi and British elegant male star Oliver Jason Cohen Jackson-Cohen), a true love that transcends national borders in the romantic capital of Paris.

On the same day, the curtain of this Cartier ‘Destinée’ micro-movie will be launched simultaneously on Cartier’s official Weibo and Cartier Youku’s official channel.

As we all know, the main dissemination platforms of luxury brands ‘micro-films are Weibo and video websites. In China, they are mainly promoted by the brand’s official Weibo and video websites’ brand homepages. Most of the interaction comes from Weibo, and a lot of video traffic is brought by Weibo.

The word-of-mouth communication of micro-movie advertisements among new media users can lead to a large number of secondary and multiple reposts. At the same time, compared with general television advertisements, the production cycle is not much different. The investment cost is very low, which is very attractive to enterprises. Although it is hard to say that micro-movie advertising is the hottest means at present, it is indeed a highly regarded advertising marketing method in the Internet age.

中国 The Asian market dominated by China is certainly a recognized ‘potential city’ for various brands. Cartier’s smart choice of Chinese film star Chen Yanxi will undoubtedly not attract the attention of Chinese consumers. And this time the propaganda method did get unanimous praise in the industry.

While Chen Yanxi’s ‘boom’ has not receded, Cartier accompanied Chen Yanxi at the premiere of ‘Fuji Detective’ premiere. This film, which hit a record 100 million yuan in box office in 4 days, won the enthusiastic pursuit of the audience and the height of the media. attention.

The film’s starring actress Chen Yanxi wore Cartier’s new Paris New Wave series of jewelry to make an elegant debut at the movie premiere, and to promote Cartier again from the stars and the movie itself.

It is not just jewelry or jewellery watches that choose to use video marketing. Watches like Patek Philippe also use ‘micro-film advertising’.

‘No one can really own Patek Philippe, just to keep it for the next generation.’ This ad slogan is accompanied by Patek Philippe’s well-known print ads with the theme of father and son or mother and daughter. Today, Patek Philippe has launched a new advertising video based on its famous ‘Generations’ theme advertisement.

2012 Sihh Cartier Parrot Theme Watch Introduction

Cartier large white parrot theme watch, dial carved mother-of-pearl, filled with enamel, Cartier’s art master created this watch inspired by the mother-of-pearl’s thorough and changeable reflection effect. Its dial is covered with extremely tiny mother-of-pearl panels, showing the delicate feel of feathers and soft feel.
 This is an extremely meticulous carving process. First, extremely small panels are cut according to the transparency of the mother-of-pearl and the desired color, and then carved into the shape of a feather with the help of a high-precision cutter. In this way, the sculptor expressed the color gradation of the blue powder to the cloud white, creating a perfect three-dimensional and deep sense.
 Cartier uses a soft monotone, which contrasts with strong colors. The crown is yellow, the eyes are black, and the beak is made of filled enamel. This creation embodies the gradation of tones and naturalistic painting techniques, which took a total of nearly 50 hours. The white parrot seems to have just flew out of the frame, ready to shake his body. The work combines realism and fictional situations, and the two rows of bright-cut diamonds set around the dial make the white parrot more dazzling. This model is limited to 80 pieces.

Material: 18K white gold with 2.1 ct diamonds
Dial: 18K white gold Hand-carved parrot motif Enamel on mouth, eyes and crown
Strap: pink crocodile skin
Water resistance: 30 meters
Power: mechanical manual winding
Limited: 80 pieces