Month: September 2012

Time Goes With Love, Companionship And Love Go With Each Other Roger Dubuis

The sweetest word that a person’s lips can send is a mother, and the best call is ‘Mom’-Gibran
   If there is such a person who loves all of you, your cry, your laugh, your selfishness, your innocence, your rebellion, it must be your mother! They are surrounded by you in various identities. They are mothers with profound wisdom and mentors for children. They are gentle and elegant mothers who give their children and children the best living space. They are independent and resolute mothers, capable women who work hard for their careers. Today, the most beautiful language in the world is to praise mothers. With this Mother’s Day coming, Roger Dubuis is a gift of kindness and blessings to mothers all over the world.
Mysterious, wise mother

   Roger Dubuis’s Velvet Secret Heart watch seems to be tailor-made for a wise woman. The blue dial exudes a mysterious and profound philosophical light, as calm and calm as the deep blue sea. , But also has the delicate thoughts of women; the complex, meticulous and exquisite mechanical design symbolizes their meticulous and rigorous attitude to life, and manages their lives with wisdom. Profound wisdom turns into a ding ting of love in daily companionship, and guides children how to deal with daily fresh things; calm wisdom turns into strict warnings, urging children to find the right among mistakes; calm wisdom Turn it into a bright guide to guide your child’s life. Fascinated by her depth, she is a wise mother and a spiritual teacher of children.
Elegant and gentle mother

   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis VE0020, the self-winding watch exudes feminine gentleness and extremely charming charm, which is fascinating. Such as the image of a gentle and elegant mother, the extraordinary temperament makes people feel refreshed, and the charm of lightness and smile makes people have endless aftertastes. The watch is made of mother-of-pearl, with a beige satin strap and a rose gold folding buckle, which brings out the elegant and exquisite atmosphere of the watch, like an elegant and calm woman, with a calm heart, a calm temperament, and a serene smile. To face all kinds of life. The magical power of mother love creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere around the family.
Magnificent, resolute mother

   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis DBEX0493 Excalibur series, reveals the difference, exudes eye-catching light, capable and stable, comparable to independent and resolute strong women in the workplace. They have their own unique opinions, they have their own living space, they will give their family the most space, and at the same time give them the greatest freedom. Traveling through home and work, busy with meetings and caring for the family. Understand how to adjust and enjoy life, with a touch of quiet and elegant, restrained luxury, let the enjoyment of happiness continue. What is even more awesome is that they work hard for their careers in the workplace. They are the proud mothers of their children. They lead by example and cultivate their children’s independence. They are the backbone of the family and help families to solve their problems. Just like Roger Dubuis’s DBEX0493 Excalibur series, it inherits the powerful and iconic design of the brand’s Excalibur King series, with a restrained mother-of-pearl dial and bright-cut diamonds inlaid on the bezel. The light, give the mothers faithful praise. No matter what kind of identity the mother has, no matter what kind of image they show. On Mother’s Day, Roger Dubuis dedicates his love, time goes with love, and company goes with love. Leave time to your mother to show your affection, and use time to give her a Mother’s Day with you.

Diva Of Bvlgari Eternal Goddess’ Bvlgari Exhibition And Grand Opening Of Shanghai Ifc Peter Marino Concept Boutique

From January 8th to 17th, 2016, Bulgari’s ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ art exhibition will be open to the public in the atrium on the first floor of IFC in Shanghai.

The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition held by Bvlgari and ELLE jointly opens at IFC in Shanghai
 The muse of the art world contains the beauty of classics. Although it is a moment of shock in time, it can also make everyone stop for a lifetime. And the eternal goddesses of Bulgari are all over the country. There is nothing in it, which reflects the graceful and graceful attitude of contemporary women and the calm and confident style. Adhering to Italy’s deep cultural heritage, Bulgari and ELLE carefully combed the context of global fashion development, looked at the development of the goddess, and let the classic beauty come in. The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition takes a new perspective on the legends of muse and art: the entire exhibition is based on ‘viewing the goddess appearance and attitude, watching the goddess attitude; wearing the goddess costumes, showing the goddess style; listening to the goddess dialogue, discerning the goddess’s thinking For the idea, from the three aspects of ‘Attitude of DIVA Goddess Attitude’, ‘Inspiration of DIVA Goddess Inspiration’ and ‘Dialogue of DIVA Dialogue Goddess’, the three aspects are extended to highlight the beauty of women in ‘Femininity’, ‘Prosperity’ and ‘Fertility’ , Deeply excavate the open-minded, elegant and tough attitude and spirit that the goddess has shown in modern society.

Mr. Huang Zhisheng, Leasing Director of Shanghai IFC Mall, Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, and Stefano Beltrame, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai
 Bulgari Greater China and Australian Managing Director Ping Xingtao said: ‘Rome has a long history of 2700 years, and Bulgari, which has been deeply influenced by it, has paid tribute to Rome with its superb skills and bold style. For more than 130 years, Bvlgari deeply affects women around the world. Famous actresses and celebrities wear Bvlgari jewelry and emit bright lights, which also proves that Bvlgari jewelry is as new and classic as classic movies, beautiful and timeless. Diva series contains Bulgari All landmark design elements in beautiful history. Adhering to the spirit of ‘I am a symbol, I am a Diva’, the Diva series pays tribute to women’s inspiring and determined character, focusing on highlighting ‘Femininity’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Fertility’ ‘Three core messages. We are also honored to cooperate with the top Chinese trend magazine ELLE this time and have the honor to invite Nicole Zhang and French artist Christian De Laubadère, two talented artists, to bring their excellent works of art to the exhibition. ‘

‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition site
 ‘DIVA of BVLGARI’ curator Xiaole editor-in-chief is looking forward to this exhibition. She hopes that the styled and assertive goddesses in the exhibition will become the backbone of women of the times. ELLE has defined and witnessed the rise and development of the Oriental Diva Goddess, whether it is the mature and determined Naomi Watts, or the stubborn Shu Qi revealed in charm. They went from astringent to mature, and then became muses admired by everyone. DIVA symbolizes the desire of every woman, and is also the driving force of every woman.
 Designer Nicole Zhang specially designed two pieces of clothing inspired by ‘DIVA’ for this exhibition. The fan-shaped contour perfectly interpreted the graceful charm of the goddess, and conveyed a more confident and bold style with irregular and escaped style Independent female traits, amazing people. The first work is inspired by the classic fan shape of Bulgari. Based on the smooth lines of modern movement, it uses a surreal method to reinterpret the irregular flow of the fan shape. The various pinkish lines from matte to bright, The subtlety conveys a more confident and bold independent woman. The second piece is inspired by the tradition of Bulgari’s jewellery series, which is the future. It uses the latest high-tech fabrics in Italy that can be shaped at will, and the transparent transparent fabric on the shoulders to create a visually misplaced simple A-shaped dress. The classic suddenly changes the future Simple and changeable surprise.
 French artist Christian De Laubadère condenses the continuous inspiration of Chinese culture into a woman’s neck under the paintbrush—a sexy part that connects the head to the body and is not exposed most of the time because women cannot see their necks , At least not directly. Whether it is a simple loose braid or a delicate hairstyle decorated with pearls, bamboo clips or ribbons, Lu Mi has given women a unique personality, or Western style, or Asian traditions. He patiently decorated women’s necks and shoulders with embroidered satin, lace, oriental fabrics, Indian fabrics, Chinese painting fans or his own delicate patterns. The silhouettes of women’s necks and shoulders appear flat on the fine-grained fly ash background, each with unique hairstyles and decorations, can not help but think of the beauty of the Italian Renaissance.

Works by French artist Christian De Laubadère
 The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition fully reflects the extraordinary feminine style of Bulgari Eternal Goddess. The goddesses’ natural temperament and stretched beauty all represent the style of the times and encourage the freedom and strength of individual women. And Bulgari’s unique quality and unique style are going through the ages and continue to affect women worldwide. Just like the changing times, Bulgari promotes the magnificent bloom of art with passion and faith, and guides every woman to freedom and excellence, until you don’t need to envy anyone. Every woman is DIVA. Be her own muse, show her unique characteristics, and explain the long-lasting charm of women to the world on the stage of life-this is also the Bulgari spirit of DIVA.
Grand opening of Peter Marino Concept Boutique in Shanghai

Bulgari Shanghai Grand Opening of Peter Marino Concept Boutique
 On January 8, 2016, the Shanghai IFC Center boutique of the Italian jewelry family and the ‘king of colored gemstones’ of Bvlgari opened grandly. The store was exclusively created by the famous architect Peter Marino. , Showing refreshing architectural design concepts.
 Since the refurbishment of the flagship store of the Condotti Avenue in Rome, this new architectural design concept has been promoted and applied by LVMH in major cities around the world. The new design style integrates the brand’s iconic architectural elements, retrospectively The traditional origins of the Mediterranean and Rome reflect the collision of Italian classical culture with modern atmosphere.
 The store mainly uses typical marble and stone in ancient Roman architecture, using classical geometric patterns and giving it a modern interpretation. Tradition and innovation are constantly intertwined and fused. The 63-square-meter entrance of the boutique is decorated with black antique marble and ivory travertine stone pillars, and two huge showcases have been consistently personalized in color and fabric. The design is inspired by the MagliaPantheon mesh decoration of the Roman Pantheon floor tile, which complements the display window under the light copper backlight.
 The ivory cave stone pillar at the entrance faces customers and surrounds one of Bulgari’s classic signs: an octagonal pattern made of red porphyry, symbolizing the universe’s balance, harmony and order. The eight lines symbolize the four reference angles (southwest and northwest) and four moments (summer solstice, winter solstice and spring equinox, autumn equinox). In mythology, the anise star means ‘Roma Caput Mundi’, which means ‘all roads lead to Rome’. At the same time, the original octagonal star pattern is also part of the floor decoration of the flagship store of the Bulgari Roman Condotti Avenue.
 In the center of the main hall, two oval display cases draw customers into the store to explore the Bulgari classic collection. Above the counter, there are two Vistosi chandeliers made of oval Murano crystals, which fully complement the luxurious products and elegant atmosphere in the Bulgari store.
 The balance between ancient and modern, tradition and innovation is the essence of the Bulgari brand concept. The decoration and furniture of the store perfectly show this concept. In a 200-square-meter store, the architect Peter Marino personally selects furniture designed by Italian designers who have a strong heritage in Bulgari tradition. It reminds us of the outstanding designs that influenced the world in the 1950s and 1960s Divisions, especially Carlo Scarpa and Franco Albini.