Month: June 2012

Tissot Moko Plaza Flagship Store Opens In Hong Kong

Recently, the 18th flagship store of Tissot, a well-known Swiss watch brand with more than 160 years of watchmaking history, has opened in Mongkok, Hong Kong. At the opening scene, supermodel Hannah was invited to come to Hong Kong from Paris, France, and join the opening of the new store with Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of Swatch Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and Vice President of Tissot Hong Kong. Tissot has always been adhering to the brand concept of “innovation and tradition” and is committed to developing high-tech and fashionable watches. On the opening day, Tissot especially invited Wu Jiaqian, the “prince of sports news”, and Jiang Liwen, “the second generation of stars” Exclusively perform a special part of theatrical performances to interpret Tissot’s new Tengzhi series solar couple watches.

Invited guest model Hannah visits Tissot’s MOKO Plaza flagship store opening site
   On the day of the event, Kunling made a great debut accompanied by a pair of cute children, sharing with you the exclusive experience of choosing a watch: ‘The Tengzhi series solar ladies watch I wear on my hand is my favorite and has always been Since then, I have been enthusiastic in supporting various environmental protection activities. Tengzhi series solar ladies watches use solar energy as the core technology and integrate high-tech touch-sensing functions. Just put the watch in the sun for a week and the battery can last for one year. At the same time, the watch can also be automatically converted into the night power saving mode at the appropriate time to achieve the purpose of energy saving and more in line with environmental protection trends. I personally prefer simple and generous designs, such as feminine details can add some feminine, pure white The simple design with a mother-of-pearl dial, plus 12 diamonds instead of the hour scale, is overall low-key and noble. ‘

Supermodel Hannah debuted in the company of children

Tissot Tengzhi series solar couple watch

   The Tissot Tengzhi series solar-powered couple watch contains high-tech and sporty designs. This fits perfectly with the active personality of another guest, Wu Jiaqian. He even performed a new series of watches with Jiang Liwen for the first time in a theater-style performance of a fighting show. Wu Jiaqian and Jiang Liwen staged a three-act short story of romantic encounters, hard to leave and reunion, explaining the high-tech touch-sensing function of Tissot Tengzhi series solar watches, as well as a powerful solar power storage system and dual time zone perpetual calendar The mode allows lovers to cut through the boundaries of time domain all the time and record every memorable moment of love and touching.
   At the end of the event, Kun Ling hosted the opening ceremony with Mr. Kevin Rollenhage, President of Swatch Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd., and Ms. Wen Jinglei, Vice President of Tissot Watch Hong Kong, and unveiled the giant Tissot Solar Series solar watch that touched the background. Highlight and perform a ribbon cutting ceremony. Tissot would like to thank Kunling even if he devoted himself to the wedding ceremony, and made a special trip to Hong Kong. He specially sent the Tissot Tengzhi series solar-powered couple watches with the words Jay and Hannah inscribed, and wished their love as timeless It was handed out on behalf of Tissot Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Ms. Wen Jinglei (Lenna).

On behalf of Tissot, Ms. Wen Jinglei, Vice President of Hong Kong and Macau, presented Tissot Tengzhi Solar Couple Watches with Jay and Hannah on it
   Kunling also specially prepared a pair of champagne glasses of its own design for the Tissot brand to celebrate the grand opening of the new store and the grand unveiling of the Tengzhi series of solar watches. Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of Swatch Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and Lenna gladly accepted A gift from Kunling.

Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited, and Lenna accepted the well-prepared gift from Hannah

Exceeding The Limits, Exploring Never Stopping, Bell & Ross 2018 Baselworld New Exhibition

Shanghai-On September 6, 2018, Bell & Ross held a ‘Beyond the Limits’ tour in Shanghai and the new appreciation of the Basel Watch Fair 2018. Bell & Ross presented a number of 2018 forward-looking timepieces at the event, demonstrating the brand’s spirit of continuous challenge and beyond limits.

   As a world-renowned watch brand, Bell & Ross has continuously pursued the Searchof Extremes since its inception, exploring the land, sea and air fields with extraordinary watchmaking techniques. In 2018, Bell & Ross continued to play the spirit of pursuing the limit and continuously challenging, actively exploring, combining the latest technology and the unique design process of the brand, adding more new members to the brand’s sea, land and air series, and more on the road of exceeding the limit further. Mr. Tang Zhiwei, Managing Director of Bell & Ross Asia, and Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of North Asia attended the event, sharing with the guests the latest information on the brand and the latest timepieces of the 2018 Extreme Series.

   Bell & Ross has been drawing inspiration from the aviation industry and flight instruments. While pursuing excellence, we also continue to surpass ourselves. With a clear and easy-to-read dial design, professional and rigorous Swiss watchmaking technology, we create professional watches with stable performance for professionals in different fields. At the event, Mr. Tang Zhiwei, Managing Director of Bell & Ross Asia, shared the brand’s history and craftsmanship with the guests. He said: Specially adjusted to four major design areas, to produce and develop multiple watches with reliable functions and unique styles. While ensuring the readability, functionality, reliability and accuracy of watches, we are also actively exploring other areas. Keep pushing the limits and surpassing yourself. ‘

   At this tasting, Bell & Ross displayed new watches in 2018 in a variety of forms, wonderful professional drone flight shows, military-style watch displays, brand elements that can be seen everywhere, covering sea, land and air. Big field. Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, the general manager of the brand North Asia, introduced the new masterpiece of Bell & Ross in 2018. She said, ‘We are very happy to show you our new products. At the same time of innovation, it also continues to strengthen the exploration and cooperation in the field of racing and diving. Whether it is the latest BRRacingBird watch, Heritage classic nostalgia series, RS18 series inspired by Renault racing chassis, or Diver series The newest members. They both demonstrate Bell & Ross’s continuous pursuit of trends and beyond limits. ‘

   At the event, the guests not only personally experienced a series of new Bellace timepieces, but also actively participated in interactive experiences. Through drone flight demonstrations and simulated flight driving, they learned more about the brand’s history and DNA while inspiring potential. Challenge yourself and go beyond the limits with the brand.

Aspiring Lingyun (TheAir)
   Bell & Ross’s adventure begins in the cockpit. Its clock design inspiration is directly derived from the golden age of flight instrumentation and aviation. The entire aviation history is providing powerful inspiration for Bell & Ross.

   This year, Bell & Ross once again challenged itself and launched the new BRRacingBird watch. The collection is inspired by the brand’s own BRBird aircraft. While the watch continues the aesthetics of Bell & Ross design aircraft, the dial, bezel and strap are the same as the aircraft tail and decorative elements depicting aerodynamic lines, while the date window shows three numbers directly drawing on flight instruments. Limited edition BRV1 and BRV2 RacingBird watches with unique graphic design and style, opened a new chapter of the brand’s adventure, interweaving Bellex with aviation history, performance, top professionals and passion.



Speed ​​Passion (TheLand)
   In 2018, Bell & Ross continued to strengthen its cooperation with RenaultSportFormulaOne ™ Team to fully demonstrate mechanical engineering, watchmaking and innovative technologies.

   Bell & Ross launched three new R.S.18 chronographs inspired by Renault’s new single-seater racing chassis. All timing function color styles are inspired by the unique and highly stylized aesthetics of motorsports, circuits and racetracks. In order to celebrate the French Formula One Grand Prix again, the BRV2-94R.S.18 chronograph is especially launched. Its black rubber strap is decorated with three red, white and blue stripes of the French flag. The yellow and black color of the carbon fiber dial echoes the spot colors of the Renault Formula One team and pays tribute to motorsport.




The Sea Snorkeling (TheSea)
   The ocean is a mysterious and fascinating world. Bell & Ross strives to combine exquisite aesthetic design and superb watchmaking technology to expand the mechanical watchmaking process to new fields.



   Following the launch of the BR03-92Diver, the first square diving watch in 2017, two new members were added to the collection in 2018: BR03-92DiverBlue and BR03-92DiverBronze. The former is based on the blue color that symbolizes the boundless ocean, and the iconic square case of the BR series makes people instantly feel the call from the sea. The BR03-92 DiverBronze bronze case, limited to 999 pieces, will form a unique patina over time. The back cover is engraved with the diver’s engraved logo and the old craft leather strap is retro and elegant. The two BRDIVERs have a water resistance of 300 meters, meet and exceed the ISO6425 standard, and meet the stringent requirements of extreme environments.

Fran Muller Watchmaker Franca Muller The Wonders Of Modern Watchmaking

Master watchmaker Mr. Franck Muller believes that time is a serious subject, which has an unchangeable and unshakable law; on the other hand, he believes that time also has its interesting side, so he is not violating the law of time Under the premise of designing, he gave full play to his genius’ imagination and turned the tourbillon as a sophisticated mechanism. Swiss independent watchmaker Franca Muller is a genius, no doubt about it. He is loved and sought after by watch addicts around the world, and is inseparable from his talent and his contribution to the renaissance of watchmaking art-the surprise he brings to people is always dizzying. That custom-made barrel-shaped casing and unique dial design and even the Arabic Art Deco Arabic numerals have become Mueller’s ‘LOGO’. In the iconic appearance, he launched the Evolotion Tourbillon Watches No. 1 to 3 series since 2002, bringing a three-dimensional tourbillon feast to tourbillon fans. Evolotion 1 is a three-axis vertical lifting tourbillon. It is the three frames including the tourbillon that perform axis movement on their respective axes. The tourbillon moves in almost all horizontal positions within an hour to offset the error caused by gravity from any orientation: first the dual spring drum pushes the first frame that runs one revolution per hour through the minute hand wheel; then the first frame Then push the second frame to make one revolution every 8 minutes; and then make the tourbillon driven by the second frame to make one revolution every minute. The sight of this triaxial tourbillon running side by side is truly amazing. After Evolotion 2, Franka Mueller, who is keen to burst out new surprises for the timepiece, has introduced a tourbillon watch Evolotion 3 with a ‘3D effect’. His creativity, in this The third work in the series is once again breathtaking—the tourbillon of Evolotion 3 is in addition to the horizontal X-axis of Evolotion 2, plus an upright Y-axis rotation axis, so that the tourbillon presents a three-dimensional effect! The invention of the tourbillon was to correct mechanical errors caused by gravity. The reason why mechanical timepieces can walk according to a certain rhythm depends on the precise control of the escapement. If the escapement adjustment mechanism itself is inaccurate, the timepiece will be out of alignment. The main culprit for the inaccuracy of the escapement is gravity. The balance in the speed control device uses the elasticity of the balance spring to complete the balance movement.末 At the end of the seventeenth century, people’s requirements for the accuracy of clocks increased significantly, and they could no longer tolerate such a “position difference”. When the balance of a tourbillon watch is affected by gravity in one direction at a certain position, it will be affected by gravity in another direction at another position. The frame is continuously rotated and the position of the balance wheel is changed accordingly. Impacts in various directions; in other words, in a macro perspective, the impacts of various directions will cancel each other out, meaning no impact. Even on today’s watches, the tourbillon is the luxury of a mechanically complex timepiece.