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114.78 Million! ‘paul Newman’ Daytona Becomes The Most Expensive Watch In History

On October 26th, PHILLIPS 20th Century Watch Auction was held in New York. The auction is based on the legendary twentieth century watch. The 50 lots that participated in the auction are also the most legendary and high-profile boutiques of the last century. The sky-high price of RMB 117.84 million was auctioned at the scene, and the watch auction was once again broken by historical records. How old is ‘Paul Newman’ Dayton? In addition to it, what watches are worth paying attention to at this auction?

Lot.8 Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” 6239

Basic information: stainless steel case, 37 mm diameter case, with timing function, manual cal. 722 movement.
Valuation: More than USD 1 million, approximately RMB 6.61 million.
Transaction price (including commission): 177.525 million US dollars, about RMB 117.84 million.
Watch Comments: When the news of ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona was about to appear at this auction of Filés, collectors couldn’t help but converge. Many people have to ask, how is it different from ordinary Daytona? What makes its valuation without a range and is labeled ‘Estimate in excess of $ 1,000,000’? From the perspective of the watch itself, it is really different from the ordinary Daytona.

 ‘Paul Newman’ Dayton took the details of the plate
 Art deco fonts are used on the watch’s time numerals, and there is also a small square at the end of the time scale. In addition, the outer ring of the dial is also different from the ordinary Daytona series-there is a small separation between the minute scale and the center of the dial, and compared to ordinary Daytona, red is used as the time scale. . And its existence in the world is very small, which has become one of the reasons for its rarity. The title of ‘Hollywood star Paul Newman wore most often during his lifetime’ also brought some legendary colors to this watch. The auctioned 6239 was produced in 1968. It has been nearly half a century to this day, but it has not been polished and polished in the later period, and still retains its original appearance. And the appearance of ‘Paul Newman’, which has disappeared for nearly 30 years, means that it will not fade away. The transaction price of RMB 117.84 million also broke records such as ‘the most expensive watch in history’.
Lot.25 Rolex Oyster chronograph ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ 6236

Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 36 mm, with timing and date display functions, using a manual winding cal.72C movement.
Valuation: USD 200,000-400,000, approximately RMB 1.32 million-2.64 million.
Price (including commission): US $ 262,500, about RMB 1.74 million.

Watch review: ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ is a logo in the most sophisticated vintage Rolex. It combines the triple calendar and chronograph perfectly, it is the first and only Rolex triple chronograph with oyster case. In the long history of Rolex, the 6236 style continues to be combined with more modern designs. Rolex has designed more watch models that meet the modern aesthetic. But after nearly 60 years, this 6236 can still maintain such an incredible appearance-the delicate details of the embossed facet and the blue digital scale around the dial are still well preserved. Even connoisseurs can’t help but admire this is a rare watch.
Lot. 28 Patek Philippe 2499

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case, the case diameter is 37.5 mm, with complex functions such as date display, moon phases, perpetual calendar, timing, etc. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Valuation: USD 350,000-700,000, approximately RMB 2.3 million-4.6 million.
Price (including commission): USD 459,000, about RMB 3.05 million.
Watch Comments: Patek Philippe 2499, a watch that is not uncommon in the auction market, but can take the eye every time it appears. Among the high-end complex watches, the status of Patek Philippe 2499 is considered to be the most representative and perfect. Its production period is from 1951 to 1985. Although the online production period is not short, due to the extremely complex requirements of 2499 for the watchmaking process, its surviving volume is only (about) 349. The limited existence and the milestone status of challenging the large diameter of 37.5 mm (then the diameter of men’s watches at that time were generally between 32 and 35 mm) made the Patek Philippe 2499 even if it was not rare, but it also attracted collectors.
Lot.50 Patek Philippe 1518

Basic information: 18K red gold case, case diameter is 35mm, with date display, moon phase, timing function. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Estimate: USD 600,000-1.2 million, approximately RMB 3.97 million-7.94 million.
Price (including commission): USD 975,000, approximately RMB 6.49 million.
Watch reviews: In 1941, during World War II, something happened in Basel, Switzerland that changed the Swiss watchmaking industry. At the Basel Watch Fair that year, Patek Philippe showed this revolutionary watch-1518 to the world. It was the first chronograph watch with a perpetual calendar. In that turbulent time, Patek Philippe had courage beyond imagination. Patek Philippe 1518 is also available in stainless steel, with only four remaining in the world. The case material of the 1518 is mostly gold or red gold. The 1518 case material that participated in the Filix auction this time is 18K red gold. Although it was produced in 1951, we can see from the photos that it looks good. Still very good.
Lot.21 Patek Philippe 5029R

Basic information: 18K rose gold case, case diameter is 35mm, using self-winding cal. R 27 PS, 39 gem bearings.
Valuation: USD 300,000-600,000, approximately RMB 1.98 million-3.96 million.
Price (including commission): USD 375,000, about RMB 2.49 million.

Watch comments: Compared to the first two Patek Philippe, this is a ‘young’ Patek Philippe. It was produced in 1997, exactly 20 years to this day. Compared to the complicated function Patek Philippe, it is a small three-pin basic watch that looks very simple. White dial with Arabic numerals, small seconds at 6 o’clock. The whole is the exquisite simplicity of Patek Philippe. But even a small three-hand watch that looks simple, but with a three-question function behind it, 5029R can represent the quality, craftsmanship and innovation of Patek Philippe. 5029R is still sought after by collectors in the auction market.
Lot. 40 Rolex Daytona 16568

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 39 mm, using a self-winding cal. 4030.
Valuation: USD 150,000-300,000, approximately RMB 990,000-1.99 million.
Price (including commission): USD 200,000, about RMB 1.33 million.

Watch Comments: A very rare and rare Rolex 16568, compared to the antique watch in front, this is a Rolex modern watch. It was born in 1994, using 18k yellow gold as the case, the dial is studded with diamonds, which also includes 8 green gemstones as a time display scale. The bezel is also inlaid with excellent diamonds. The combination of precious metal and diamond is destined to make this Daytona not too mediocre. It’s not only the exterior that deserves attention. The built-in self-winding cal. 4030 was launched by ZENITH’s El Primero in 1969. Rolex based on this in 1988 improved the cal. 4030 caliber. This movement is also used in many Daytona watches, including 16568 watches.
Lot.6 Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska III’ 145.022

Basic information: stainless steel case, case diameter 40 mm. Equipped with timing function, using manual winding cal.861.
Valuation: USD 50,000-100,000, approximately RMB 330,000-660,000.
Price (including commission): USD 187,500, about RMB 1.24 million.

Watch Comments: 60 years ago, Omega launched the Speedmaster series of watches. In the twelfth year after that, it received the greatest affirmation-NASA chose it for NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In 1978, ‘Alaska III’, specially designed for NASA, was born. Due to its scarce production, its survival in the world is also limited. Therefore, the performance of ‘Alaska III’ in the collection market is never inferior to other watches.
Lot.13 Cartier crash 34716A

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 25mm wide and 48mm long, using a manual winding cal.841.
Valuation: USD 40,000-80,000, about RMB 260,000-53 million.
Price (including commission): USD 175,000, about RMB 1.16 million.

Watch Reviews: Cartier’s design has always been at the forefront of jewelry and watch brands. This Cartier Crash’s design is amazing. Irregular breakthrough design, the crown still uses the design of sapphire inlay, which also laid some foundation for the design of the brand. This Crash was born in 1987 and is equipped with a manual winding cal.841. Today, 30 years later, it still maintains a good appearance. At this auction of the 20th century legendary watch of Rich Art, it sold a price more than twice the highest price, which is still a bit shocking.

Cartier Les Indomptables De Cartier

L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … Rose-shaped cut diamonds are dazzling. The perfect geometric shape in the center echoes the elegance and fragmentation of the Art Deco era. Like a light, this bracelet with natural pearls and brilliant-cut round diamonds seems to lead the perfect transcendence and travel between time and space … The extraordinary imagination rides the wings of the swan to break through the limitations, and flies into the diamond’s sky … …

    L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The deep emeralds are full of lush, rich and mellow. In this hidden watch, the Art Deco diamond lines shine, and the subtle dial beneath the diamond pleats is looming.

 At this mysterious moment, Cartier invites us to close our eyes … The figure that emerges from the leaves slowly reveals the rich and shining gems, and a rare crocodile appears in the center of the transformed watch. It is both a watch and a brooch, a poetic work of free contemplation, revealing the charming charm given to its work by the jeweler.

 Under the mysterious gear system in the stealth mechanical structure, under the shadow of diamonds, among the swans’ wings, the moments are looming. L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … dazzling black and white abstract pattern, which means cheetah stripes, and a soft bracelet watch surrounds the wrist …

 L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The mysterious cheetah suddenly jumped out of the center of the dial of the Baignoire watch …

 The ubiquitous cheetah is a vital source of inspiration for Cartier. It is strong and charismatic, symbolizing and metaphorizing this free femininity.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Yang Lin)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Chanel Can’t Quit Coco Crush Experience Exhibition

On April 18, 2018, Zhou Xun, Chinese ambassador for Chanel, Chen Weiting, Liu Wen, actor Ma Sichun, Lin Yun, watch ambassador Chanel ca n’t stop the COCO CRUSH experience exhibition and experience with all guests # 戒不掉 # ‘s good times.
Zhou Xun


Wearing the ‘Paris-Hamburg’ 2018 high-end handmade workshop series knitted tops and skirts, with dinner bags,
Wearing 18K gold earrings and rings by Chanel Coco Crush.

Chen Weiting

Wearing a spring-summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection tweed jacket,
Wear 18K gold earrings, rings and bracelets from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.

Liu Wen

Dressed in the ‘Paris-Hamburg’ 2018 premium handmade workshop sweaters and sailor pants, with a dinner bag,
Wear 18K gold earrings and rings from Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush.

Ma Sichun

Dressed in the “Paris-Hamburg” haute couture series shirts and long skirts 2018, with a camera bag,
Wear 18K gold necklaces, rings and bracelets from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.

Lin Yun

Wearing CHANEL 2018 spring and summer ready-to-wear series dress with transparent PVC handbag,
Wear 18K gold rings and necklaces from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.
Chanel ca n’t stop the COCO CRUSH experience exhibition landing in Beijing in April, with a unique modern design and creative multi-sensory experience,
Constructed a sense space that is irresistible and impossible.
The COCO CRUSH collection of Chanel haute jewellery pays tribute to the brand’s classic “Matelassé” diamond pattern.
Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, each piece is carved with elegant diamond patterns with fine craftsmanship,
Simplicity, elegance, and absolute modernity underline the extraordinary qualities of Chanel’s fine jewelry.
The modern spirit and ingenuity in the rich works are also the inspiration source for this Chanel’s COCO CRUSH experience exhibition.
Created a fascinating COCO CRUSH world.

April 19-22, 2018
Beijing Guardian Art Center
# 戒不掉 #