Month: November 2011

Celebrity 2009 William Baume Series

William Baume series adhering to the long-established watchmaking heritage of celebrities, is not only a tribute to traditional skills, but also carries forward the spirit of innovation that William Baume has always adhered to.

Baume & Mercier’s new William Baume collection is a collection of watches that showcase the superb traditional craftsmanship of Haute Horlogerie. It is numbered and available in limited editions, and is equipped with a complex movement specially made for Baume & Mercier.

The four models of this series evoke a close connection with the brand’s long history by recreating the complex skills of the old watchmaking tradition. These models have their own historical origins, most of which are derived from classic models in the history of Baume & Mercier watches. Including three models from the William Baume series last year, plus the new one-button chronograph launched this year, there are four models in the series.

Preheating Basel 2014 2014 Le Méridien Masterpiece Gravity Watch Stunning Debut

As the date of the Basel Watch Fair is getting closer, many hot new products are gradually appearing in everyone’s field of vision. Among them, the Le Méridien brand from Switzerland has launched the latest watches of the Ingenious Series. .

 The ingenious series perfectly combines Le Méridien’s exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the vibrant, elegant and noble 21st century urban style. The ingenuity series is famous for its complex interpretation of various complex functions, especially the callback function. It is undoubtedly regarded as the first series of Le Méridien. For many years, Le Méridien has mastered the essence of the watch’s complex functions.

 This brand new ingenious Gravity watch will officially meet you at this year’s Baselworld. The watch is designed in two different versions. With a 43mm stainless steel case, the large diameter design also caters to the current watch wearing principles.

 The watch mainly uses the pure white main dial to display the time and minutes, and the hands are silver and white with red small seconds and blue hands. The hollow on the surface of the material can clearly see that the escapement of the movement has been replaced by a new silicon material.

 At the same time, the watch has fast and slow hands on the dial, and the movement inside the movement becomes more clear. The watch is equipped with the ML230 self-winding movement. Amy has made every effort to minimize the number of parts inside the movement. The current number of parts is 188.

 The movement has 35 jewel bearings, and the vibration frequency per hour is 18,000 times. The sapphire crystal also adopts special anti-glare treatment. And the bottom of the table is transparent.

 It is understood that this watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, with a brown alligator strap. The overall feeling is still very elegant and noble.

 About Emmy Craftsmanship Series:

 Le Méridien has always been adept at developing mechanical movements with manual winding. Last year, it first applied its technology to automatic movements. Ingenious series new calendar dial watch and double dial watch are based on the long history of watch series, comply with the most stringent traditional mechanical watchmaking standards, strive to excellence, apply superb technology to fashion design.

 The ingenious automatic watch is based on the manufacture of a 10,000-year movement, which reflects the ‘NeverStopMoving’ concept advertised in the new advertising. The movement of a watch can be wound on the wrist with only movement of the wrist, a perfect interpretation of this concept. The concept of ‘going forward’ also reflects Le Méridien’s pursuit of innovation, relentless pursuit of the ultimate in technology and aesthetics, and every breakthrough in the design of each watch. Le Méridien strives for perfection and never compromises.

Thousands Of Watches Above 300,000 Won’t Sell. High-end Watch Sales Are ‘wretched’

‘This year will be very difficult … Stocks will be massively backlogged.’ This is what the CEO of Gucci Watch Division said at the Basel Watch Fair. This year’s extremely popular ‘Global Watch Order ‘Conference’, this year, the atmosphere seems particularly dignified.

的 The attitude of watchmakers conveys a message that high-end watches are really not easy to sell. Right now, more and more watch brands are lowering their prices, either implicitly or implicitly. At the beginning of this year, Hublot adjusted the price of mainland watches to be basically the same as that of Hong Kong, which was regarded as a direct price reduction of about 15%. For watch dealers who have survived 2013, the current situation is not optimistic. The backlog of inventory is very difficult. On the one hand, they are afraid to buy new high-end watches this year. On the other hand, they step up Find e-commerce to digest their inventory.

Regarding the future, the industry generally believes that the sales of high-end watches will not recover in a short period of time. If this situation continues, it is very likely that agents will cut off watch stores and even cut off agency brands.

2013 was very difficult for most watch brands. After going through the tough years of the big names, this year finally couldn’t help but adjust the price strategy.

Hublot first heard the ‘price cut’. On February 1 this year, Hublot announced that it will implement the same price policy in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and the price will be reduced by about 15%. It is reported that Hublot’s price adjustment is not only to revive sales performance, but also due to the impact of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement and the reduction of luxury goods tariffs. The price of this brand watch ranges from 100,000 yuan to one million yuan, and the price adjustment range will range from 10,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan.

Out of concerns about “direct price reduction”, more watch brands have chosen more hidden price strategy adjustments.

‘For example, we usually sell a batch of watches with a price range of 1,000 euros to 6,000 euros, but now we will provide more watches close to 1,000 euros.’ Relevant person in charge of TAG Heuer watches under LVMH Group said.

This phenomenon does exist. It is reported that this year is not only TAG Heuer, but even big-name watches such as Vacheron Constantin have pushed new products at relatively low prices. This move has also been interpreted as an invisible price reduction strategy. ‘Lack of confidence in sales.

Watch brands may adjust prices brightly or darkly

Cut the store? Cut brand? Dealer pressure

The decline in sales of high-end watches has also directly weighed down domestic watch dealers. Recently, the industry has rumored that several watch brands on Shanghai Huaihai Road have begun to withdraw due to unbearable rental pressure, and a watch agent in Hangzhou may also be in Close down poor stores, and even ‘cut off’ the agency relationship of big-name watches such as Vacheron Constantin.

‘This possibility definitely exists. The inventory of watches in the hands of agents is actually very large. A large agent will spend tens of millions on a brand. The entire inventory is worth several hundred million yuan. It does n’t make sense to have a big name in your hand, ”said a watch industry official who asked not to be named.

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, sales of watch brands such as Blancpain and Omega have experienced double-digit declines compared to the same period last year. Even brands such as Tissot and Mido that have previously sold well have seen single-digit declines. It is also possible that Rolex and Longines, like Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, have high sales due to the high proportion of high-end watches.

Stuck by inventory pressure, many agents didn’t even dare to enter this year’s new products. They turned to online channels to try to digest part of the inventory.

This is particularly evident when the Basel Watch Festival is held this year. This year, many online stores, including Tmall,, and Dangdang, have launched watch sales on the theme of ‘Basel watches’. Among them, such as the Rossi watch 3.2 fold up, Casio 6.5 fold up, Tissot 7.5 fold cap, etc., many of the styles on sale are models before 2012.