Month: May 2011

Amy Long Contemporary Luxury Series Streamlined Retro Style Shows Fashion

As a member of the Geneva Watch Association of Switzerland, Emilon Watch is headquartered in Geneva, the capital of watches. Until now, the design, R & D and manufacturing centers of all Emilion products are located in the Merlin area of ​​Geneva. Adhering to the superb watchmaking technology of the Swiss watch industry and meticulous and perfect watchmaking spirit, combined with modern advanced watchmaking technology, Innovate. Emilon manufactures basic mechanical watches and quartz watches. It also has unique and creative 24-hour chronograph mechanical watches and full dial moon phase watches, as well as minute repeaters and tourbillon watches that represent the pinnacle of watchmaking skills.
   Each of Amy Long’s works has been carefully designed to infiltrate every moment of life into the works. Among them, the ‘contemporary luxury’ series has a unique shell shape and has been favored by many customers since its launch. Emilion’s ‘Contemporary Luxury’ series models use the retro barrel design, incorporating the Emilion DNA DNA ‘Time Wing’ design, which expands the watch’s case shape with tension. The appearance is fashionable and dynamic, stable but not dull, and fashionable but not frivolous.

   Emilon’s ‘Contemporary Luxury’ series of watch cases with the outer opening of the connection, breaking the dull style of traditional barrel-shaped watches. Its streamlined wing design is like an eagle soaring with wings, its shell is low-key and restrained, showing its domineering.

   There are about 40 watches in the Emilion Contemporary Luxury Collection, which are respectively made of carbide ring, K gold ring and diamond ring. The tungsten steel ring mouth is more wear-resistant, smooth, low-key and elegant, while the K gold ring is gorgeous, and the diamond ring mouth is exquisite and temperamental. Whether it is the dial, needle, ring, case, core, or mirror, the workmanship is meticulously carved. The delicate chrysanthemum dial and the barrel-shaped appearance are perfectly integrated. With the blue hands on the dial, the natural diamond scale or The Roman numeral scale shows fashion charm.

   This series of watches coexist with a quartz movement and a mechanical movement. There are leather straps and stainless steel straps. The belts are stylish and elegant, and the steel belts are magnificent. A variety of styles and combinations to meet your different needs.

   Amyron’s contemporary luxury series couple watches are also very popular. Different from other traditional barrel-type watches, the double-wing streamlined design embodies the beautiful vision of ‘double wings than wings’ and is the most sincere pursuit of love. On the occasion of the Star Festival, I send a sincere heartfelt love to the beloved TA, with the love of the King, tied between my wrists, accompanied by my whole life, and experience the sweetness and happiness of eternal true love.
   Amy Long has more than 300 retail outlets in Greater China, covering large shopping malls and department stores in almost all provincial capitals and key cities in the country. It has also opened online channels such as the Amy Long Tmall flagship store and JD self-operated area, providing multiple Location facilitates consumption channels. The Aimilong brand brings to the vast number of consumers creative products, special designs, and fresh elements. At the same time, the quality and reliability of the products and reasonable prices have won the praise and favor of many consumers.