Month: February 2011

Japanese Style Hermes New Arceau Temari Watch

Hermès Arceau Temari watch inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship is a jewelry watch series combining extraordinary crafts such as snowflake setting and gem setting. Temari (handball) is a traditional Japanese handicraft that lasted more than a thousand years, meaning ‘handball’. It has a close relationship with kimonos, because it uses rags made from silk kimonos to make these baubles loved by the court. The simple stitching method develops complex geometric line embroidery and patterns step by step, with harmonious color schemes and sophisticated refinement.

 These ancestral handball techniques inspired the creation of Hermès scarves. One of the patterns is now reinterpreted by Arceau watches. The watch is made in 18K white gold and is issued in limited edition. The diamonds are paved with snowflakes. The dial combines diamonds with black agate, white mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, or egg white, and reproduces one of the handball patterns in intricate setting.

 Diamond snowflake mosaic

 Arceau Temari watch, 34 mm diameter, white gold case, snowflake diamond craftsmanship makes each watch unique. The case is set with 675 diamonds and the crown is 27, including a rose-cut diamond (total weight of about 4.43 carats), hour and hour display, H1912 self-made automatic winding movement, power storage 50 hours, alligator leather strap .

 Snowflake diamond inlay

 There are no specific guidelines for the technique of snowflake setting; each diamond is independently selected and set by the craftsman; the claws need to be selected and set by the artisan independently; the claws need to be selected and set by the artisan independently; the claws need to be dug one by one. A diamond is strung together to form a harmonious overall effect, which is what makes each watch unique. Each case is set with no less than 700 diamonds, and it takes almost three weeks for the senior diamond-set stone inlay craftsman to complete.

 The dial of each watch is carved using traditional diamond inlays and gems. Carved with this fine inlay technique. Take this watch as an example, 20 extremely small slices of different shapes and sizes, each ground from a whole gem, or self-cut fine mother-of-pearl. Each small slice is then individually set on a diamond-set dial. Because delicately sized stones are particularly fragile, these two processes require highly accurate and skilled manual work. Ingenious craftsmanship is like a miniature jigsaw, and each part must be indispensable to form a moving landscape.

 The dial is reproduced with one of the handball motifs with fine inlays.

 Luxurious and precious materials, engaging a fascinating dialogue with these patterns. When traditional craftsmanship meets professional wisdom, the two are compatible and integrated into these unique wisdom, and the two are compatible and integrated to add the splendor of the Japanese court to these unique creations.