Month: October 2010

A Watch As Perfect As ‘world’

The perfect combination of elegance and functionality can be said to be the ultimate symbol of perfection. From its 18K round gold case, you can see that it is in the same vein as the legendary Calatrava design launched by Patek Philippe in 1932. The slightly exaggerated lugs make this watch’s vibrant charm stand out. The timing buttons are at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, and rectangular buttons have accompanied Patek Philippe chronographs for 70 years.
     Elegant dial scales and hands, every detail is impeccable. The new CH 29-535 PS chronograph movement used on Ref. 5170J is not only entirely made in-house by Patek Philippe. It is a classic manually wound chronograph movement with stud wheels and horizontal clutches, but also to surpass its predecessor CH 27- 70 PS movement. It uses the basic Lémania movement and is reworked from Patek Philippe. Even the most discerning connoisseur is convinced. Step by step from history, combining various advanced watchmaking techniques, and finally forming a watch as perfect as the ‘world’.

Glasutti’s Original Chinese Limited Edition Watch Is Released. Players Who Prefer The German System Should Pay Attention!

German watchmaker Glashütte has launched five new timepieces, the parliamentary excellence watch series. These five watches have a simple and elegant appearance, and the dials are all handmade. They are equipped with the solid and reliable Calibre 36-01 self-winding movement. What’s more noteworthy is that these five timepieces are only available in China. They are Glashütte original high-end watches specially designed for Chinese watch connoisseurs.

Five new parliamentary excellence watches
Ebara creation is extraordinary quality
As the leader of the German watchmaking industry, each of Glashütte’s original watches has very strict watchmaking standards. Its four major series of watches are 100% equipped with original homemade movements, and 95% of the movement parts are made by the original Factory-made, can be described as traditional German-made.

格拉 In Glashütte’s original watchmaking factory, every watch is hand-made by watchmakers. Countless gold-lined parts in the watch have been refined. Whether it is meticulous chamfering, precise plating, mirror polishing or traditional grinding processes: every small part is completed by precision machining. Even an ordinary movement originally developed by Glashütte takes hours to assemble and debug.

As we all know, German technology is second to none in the world. In the watch industry, Glashütte Original also adheres to Germany’s proud tradition of hand-polishing and assembly, creating truly original, high-quality mechanical watches. ‘Conceived and designed by the original factory, 100% of the entire series of products are equipped with independently developed movements.’ In the watchmaking industry, only a few watchmaking factories can meet such stringent requirements.

格拉 In the original watchmaking factory of Glashütte, after the assembly and commissioning of each new watch is completed, it must pass a high standard of inspection-final inspection. Only when high standards of precision and quality are achieved can new watches be launched.

Glashütte Original MP Series Watch (No. 1-36-01-05-05-30)
各位 After you understand the rigorous watchmaking technology of the Glashütte original brand, are you more curious and looking forward to these five limited edition models specially created for Chinese watch players?
大 美 简 简 True German craftsmanship

限量 This limited edition watch is made of red 18K gold with a case diameter of 42 mm. The dial does not add any extra decoration, the white matte lacquer finish contrasts with the gold of the bezel, restrained and luxurious.

剑 Sword-shaped blue hour and minute hands are used in the center of the dial. The second hand is inlaid with Glashütte’s original double G logo.

腕表 The thickness of the case of this watch is 10.2 mm, which has been carefully polished and polished to give it a great texture.

The crown of the watch is a screw-in design, the periphery of the crown is decorated with a spiral pattern, and the top of the crown is engraved with the original logo of Glashütte.

的 The biggest highlight of this limited edition watch is the case back. All new watches customized for China use the 4 Hz Calibre 36-01 automatic movement developed by the German watchmaker, which was developed to meet the needs of today’s life. The silicon balance spring can help improve the accuracy of the watch, and the expanded single barrel can reach a power reserve of 100 hours.

One of the typical characteristics of Glashütte original brand-gooseneck fine-tuning device. The device started in 1888 and is an elegant and effective time-adjusting mechanism.

The new bayonet mount used by the watch is used to fix the movement in the case, similar to the bayonet mount of the camera lens. Makes the entire movement structure superior in shock resistance, while being easy to assemble and maintain.

The watch is matched with a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, which can better reflect the restrained and personal taste of an elegant gentleman.

腕表 The color of this watch is high-end luxury, which emphasizes the sense of modernity while emphasizing simplicity, which is very versatile. Suitable for everyone who loves watches. Price: ¥ 145,500.
In addition to the red 18K gold and white dial watch introduced above, the other four limited timepieces are also very distinctive and pleasing to the eye.

Glashütte Original MP Series Watch (No. 1-36-01-06-05-31)
腕表 This watch is also made of red 18K gold, and the case is decorated with alternating polishing and satin brushing. With an indigo dial, the dial features a sunburst finish, and red 18K gold sword-shaped hour, minute, and graduations. Pair it with a brown Louisiana alligator leather strap for retro elegance. Price: ¥ 145,500.

Glashütte Original MP Series Watch (No. 1-36-01-04-02-30)
In addition to the two red 18K gold models mentioned above, the remaining three are made of stainless steel. This watch has a striking indigo dial with sunburst finish, white 18K gold indexes and rhodium-plated hour, minute and second hands. Its 42mm stainless steel case is polished and satin-finished, with a black Louisiana alligator leather strap, which highlights the elegant and restrained temperament of men. Price: ¥ 70,000.

Glashütte Original MP Series Watch (No. 1-36-01-07-02-30)
精 This stainless steel watch features a galaxy gray dial and a stainless steel case material, highlighting the tough man’s style. The dial is decorated with a vertical brushed finish. The scale, hour and minute hands, and sweep seconds are all made of deep blue, which is as atmospheric as the vast galaxy, showing the style. Price: ¥ 70,000.

Glashütte Original MP Series Watch (No. 1-36-01-05-02-30)
The last stainless steel watch features an exquisite white dial with blue indexes, blue steel hour and minute hands, and blue seconds. Dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap with folding or pin buckle. Pure white meets bright blue, and it is clean and refreshing to wear. It is a must-have for temperament men. Price: ¥ 70,000.
Are you also interested in these five new MPs? The five limited-edition watches are already available in China, and they are sold in the original Glashütte original boutiques in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang and Xi’an, as well as retailer and strategic partner Xinyu. Interested friends should prepare early.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore O’neal Special Edition

The Royal Oak series has so far been confirmed to have become synonymous with Audemars Piguet. Off Shore’s so-called ‘offshore’ series is the high end of Royal Oak. And it is very interesting that for Off Shore Royal Oak, the routine is always published in conjunction with celebrities. Previously, there was the name of F1 driver Barrichello, and this time LOT 189 is the NBA famous ‘Shark O’Neal’. It’s no wonder that such a large-sized watch really complements such a large-sized O’Neal.

     White gold case with diamond embellishments. Coupled with the title of limited edition, the price of this timed Royal Oak was finally higher than the estimated upper limit: 560,000 Hong Kong dollars, which was 10,000 more than the highest estimate. Is it worth it? It is so-called that it is difficult to buy a good heart. Royal Oak is still a widely recognized series. Look at the price of the new watch soaring now. The price of half a million is really not outrageous.
[Condition] Limited number 14/96, Ref. 26134 BC, manufactured in 2007, self-winding, 18K white gold case, diamond setting, date, square timing button, 3126/3840 movement, with original basketball-shaped box And warranty certificate.
[Estimate] 470000 HKD-550000 HKD
[Transaction price] 560000 HKD

How To Choose A Men’s Watch That Suits You

To measure the self-positioning of a successful man, a watch is one of the useful rulers. When the sleeves of the jacket are lifted upwards, the only acceptable jewelry other than wedding rings shows the owner’s taste and occasional awareness.

Franck Muller Revolution3
意大利 An Italian motto spread by watch dealers makes sense: Well-dressed men have at least three watches. The most important piece is the daily watch, which complements your profession. If you do finance, then in addition to transmitting time information, the watch must also convey a sense of stability. If you do media or art, you can look more publicized. And if your occupation involves special jobs–ambulance drivers, insurance brokers, Boeing 747 pilots, and so on–then it’s like an iPhone app with all kinds of watches to wear.
选择 The second watch has a wider selection. This is your casual watch, which can be worn on various occasions while working slowly in the garden on the beach, on the ski slopes. Whether it’s a Swatch for less than £ 50 or a nearly unbreakable Rolex, it means that you can be completely carefree when you dive quickly in the pool or swing on the golf course. This is a watch with a sense of randomness.
The last piece is a formal watch. If you wear a black tie more than once a year, or if there are events like watching movie premieres, listening to opera, or going to high-end restaurants on your schedule, then your daily watch may seem out of date. In the last part of this trilogy, you have two choices. One is to wear a classic, simple, time-only gold formal watch, and the other is to make yourself look glamorous. This can be seen on the watch. Diamond to achieve.
How to choose? The first watch is often given by others, starting from Timex, and not everything. The occasion to receive it may be graduation, normalization, finding the first job, or adulthood. This watch will never fully meet your expectations, but you will wear it and cherish it, from your teens until you get your first salary. Then you will be tempted by TAG Heuer, Omega or Rolex. Which one you choose depends on your budget. This will be your first ‘real’ watch.
Selection is very important for watches, but it may not be as complicated as you think. As master watchmaker Peter Roberts puts it, there are no bad watches because they all perform the same basic function and they do a good job of displaying time. Manufacturing standards are unimaginably high, so you should buy based on your budget and preferences.
‘Serious’ watches range from around 1,000 euros to as much as 1,500 euros, with a limited number of watches starting at more than 3,000 euros. To appreciate the top craftsmanship, prepare to pay at least € 5,000. And if you want your watch to have little chance to be the same as another guest at the dinner, you must first think about whether you can get 15,000 euros or more. At this point, you have entered a famous hall, A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet, Patek Philippe and so on. Watches with this money may go beyond the entry-level of these brands. Think about it this way: Although the nameplates may be the same, there are still big differences between the BMW 3 Series and 7 Series, and so are watches.
花 Spend more money, and you can get more in terms of ‘complexity’. This is the term used by watch manufacturers to describe functions other than timing. The most common and important ‘complexity’ is displaying the calendar, followed by the weekly, monthly, and annual calendars. The most popular features among collectors are dual time zones, moon phases and timers. Of course the case will be gold or platinum. In addition to these, functions such as perpetual calendar, tourbillon and chronograph are sought after by experts, and their prices have reached six digits.

Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 018
‘Pre-owned’ (pre-owned) is a euphemism for second-hand watches. Like buying all kinds of novelty cars, some people get tired of buying rare watches and sell them before buying new ones. Also like a car, a watch will not appreciate in the short term unless it is very special. So you can buy used watches from dealers such as David Duggan and Watch Club with packaging and certificates at very real prices. The disadvantage is that you are not buying from a ‘primary agent’.
Anything more than 25 years old can be called the ‘vintage’ title. Antique watches can only be bought at the right place at the right time. No matter how much you want a piece of Rose Gold Rolex ‘Bubbleback’ from the 1930s, you can’t find a nearest dealer to order a piece like Rolex ‘DateJust’.
If it is a spare watch, don’t even consider buying an antique watch unless you are rich and have a master watchmaker to repair it. If your watch requires a part and cannot be ordered from the manufacturer, then this part can only be built from scratch. This means that maintenance costs can be very high.
Watch auctions are becoming more common. The principle to be followed is the same as any other type of auction: research the auction catalogue, determine your own price cap, and then participate in the pre-auction preview. Recent watches sell for much less than those sold in antique stores. If the watch you are bidding for is relatively new and the competition is not fierce, then you can pick up a bargain.
If in doubt, in addition to your own knowledge and experience, you can also seek the services of an expert. Whether it’s a watch craftsman, a hobbyist, or an honest retailer, they will reduce your risk and buy a very good watch.
But it is also worth remembering two truths in the watch market, there are only two:
──If you buy with an investment mentality, only two brands will not be influenced by the trend and will not depreciate after a long time, that is Patek Philippe and Rolex.
──If you only want a watch and you are satisfied with it no matter what the occasion, then there is a watch that won’t look down on you, won’t be pointed by others, can withstand the rewards, and will not encounter quality problems. It’s the Zippo lighter in the watch or the BMW 3 Series: Rolex’s stainless steel ‘Air-King’.