Month: June 2010

Men Also Make People Love Diamond Watches

Taken from the bosom of the owner of the first watch, this kind of precision instrument has been given the status of accessories, and it is doomed to share the life of the watch and jewelry. Therefore, even though diamonds are more attractive to women than men, it does not prevent men from jewellery watches, let alone pocket watches and watches are the rare essence of men’s accessories. Breguet Crazy Flower
    In 1813, French jewellery brand Chaumet was commissioned by Napoleon to produce a series of pocket watches inlaid with pearls and enamel jewellery. Francois-Regnault Nitot: round gold case decorated with blue enamel and ring-shaped pearl strings. The ‘N’ stands for Napoleon’s exclusive pocket watch and forms a pair with Queen Mary Louise’s hanging pocket watch. This pair of watches appeared in the “Creation · Emotional Moments of the Second Century” watch exhibition held in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza a few days ago. While letting people see the classic gesture of combining jewelry with pocket watches and watches, it also made men see the gentleness of men’s love. one side.
Reversible Limelight Twice High Jewellery Watch
    The first watch was born on the wrist of the Queen of Naples, and Breguet completed the production of the watch: the requirements at the time were to make the watch portable, and to show its identity with exquisite watchmaking technology. Although jewellery has been with the watch for hundreds of years since then, in the era of mechanical fanaticism, the time display technology is always the core, and jewellery always plays the icing on the cake.
    After hundreds of years of change, the role of today’s watches has begun to return to the original. Now that mobile phones are more accurate than watches, the value of the watch is reflected in the original timekeeping function, which is greatly inclined to identity tags. Some men are obsessed with technology. Tourbillon is their choice, and complex functions are their pursuit. Another part of men believes that the jewellery that makes them feel visual impact for the first time is not contradictory. In many cases, they will even be at the same time. appear.
Van Cleef & Arpels Le Pont des Amoureux
    Inlaying diamonds on works that demonstrate the craftsmanship of the brand’s top movement is like a coronation ceremony. Each diamond is a sign of affirming the craftsmanship and value of the watch.
    Jaeger-Le Coultre, famous for its movement manufacturing, pays great attention to the performance of complex functions, especially the master series of the brand. The Master Minute Repeater FN jewellery watch is originally from the Master Minute Series. Based on the original model, the bezel and lugs are covered with square diamonds. The excellent sound quality of the movement is attributed to the crystal gong. In addition, its manual-winding mechanical movement has an impressive 15-day power reserve (384 hours), which is generously shown through the kinetic energy display. Through its hollow dial, you can see the minute repeater and clockwork torque.
    The excellent timepiece sound from the watch, with a volume of more than 55 decibels, a sound length of more than 600 milliseconds, and up to 7 incremental overtones, far exceed the industry standard for the watch, and the setting of diamonds also proposes to preserve the sound quality. Higher requirements. Also upgraded with this diamond attitude is the Master Tourbillon model.
Chaumet Precious Chess Jewellery Watch
    In 2010, Vacheron-Constantin once introduced a high-quality Maltese tourbillon jewellery watch, which was once stunning. The cutter cuts the individual diamonds to the size measured in micrometers, so that the jewelry setter can perfectly set these diamonds into their designed position. This exacting task requires rigorous precision, and it takes more than 2,000 hours of careful work to create this amazing combination of diamonds.
    In contrast, the slightly simpler Vacheron-Constantin’s new Patrimony Traditionnelle collection of fine jewellery watches is available in 38mm and 30mm models. With extraordinary jewellery inlaying technology and smooth line contours, the male’s fortitude is retained while releasing the light. A 38mm diameter 18K white gold case is set with 167 diamonds weighing 1.27 carats, the dial is set with 473 diamonds weighing 1.67 carats, and the crown is also set with a diamond. Its manual winding mechanism 1400 is used. The movement is engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.