Month: March 2010

Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Time Feast Chen Xiaodong Performs Tissot Extraordinary Moment

Popular in more than 160 countries all over the world, Tissot watches that have passed 160 years of eternal mileage, was born in 1853, the Swiss watch town-Leloc. Adhering to the brand tenet of “Extraordinary Creativity, Originating from Tradition”, it has continued to have unique features and styles for more than 100 years since its establishment to meet the different needs of watch lovers. Based on a long history of watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition, it demonstrates multiple specialties that keep pace with the times, and has an endless stream of creative footprints all over the world. It has an unrivalled leading position in the watch market. To celebrate and share this joy, many antique watches from the Swiss Tissot watch were specially brought to Taiwan for display. In order to celebrate the grand opening of the 160th anniversary of the Tissot watch, the superstar Chen Xiaodong was invited to Taiwan for a perfect interpretation of more than one Century comes from the tradition of extraordinary creativity.

  Chen Xiaodong wears TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch at the 160th Anniversary Press Conference Press Conference

TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch, Suggested Price: NT $ 259,900.

“ Chen Xiaodong ” superstar charm hits Taiwan, incarnates a modern gentleman, interprets the extraordinary momentum of Tissot watches

 On the day of the event, Ether’s regret rumbling sounded to kick off the wonderful event. To celebrate the important milestone of the 160th anniversary of the Tissot watch, we especially invited Chen Xiaodong, the emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, who perfectly interpreted the domineering and tender feelings in the Lanling King drama, as the guest of the 160th anniversary watch opening ceremony. Superstar Chen Xiaodong showed his irresistible personal charm, wearing the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator Pilot 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Watch’ incarnation of a modern gentleman, leading the guests on the scene to unveil the mystery of Tissot’s century-long history and enter Tissot A century-old gallery, looking back at the extraordinary Tissot moment.

 Guests gathered at the press conference, including: Mr. Francois Thiébaud, President of Tissot Watch Global, Mr. Francois Thiébaud, Peter Szabo, General Manager of Swatch Group Taiwan Branch, and Li Qian, Deputy General Manager of Tissot Watch Taiwan. Together with the superstar Chen Xiaodong, the “Tissot Cube”, which was heavily invested in the watch exhibition, jointly launched a grand launching ceremony, launched the classic heritage of Tissot’s 160 years of glory, and greeted the brilliant vision of the new stage of Tissot.

          The launching ceremony of Tissot’s 160th anniversary commemorative watch ‘Tissot cube’.

Tissot 160th Anniversary Feast “ 3 ” Ximenmen

 At the event site, the President of Tissot Watch was a special guest of today’s event, Chen Xiaodong, and presented a ‘TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D Hollow Watch’ with a ‘champion’, which presented the brand’s innovation and traditional value, highlighting the Tissot has 160 years of expertise in the art of watchmaking. This watch belongs to the T-Complication series. This series won the championship of the ‘Enterprise Classic Timepiece’ in the 2013 International Timekeeping Competition. It is also the second time that Tissot won the ‘Enterprise Classic Timepiece’ in the International Timekeeping Competition. Field with tourbillon) champion throne. While celebrating the 160th anniversary of Tissot, and sharing the joy of winning the International Time Trial Championship twice, I also wish Chen Xiaodong, who is close to ‘good’ things, to get more recognition in singing and drama, then Create a peak!

In a perfect interpretation of ‘Langling King’ Chen Xiaodong from the Northern Zhou Emperor Wu, in order to thank the brand for such a valuable gift, especially for the CEO of Tissot watches through time and space, bringing back the crown of the emperor as the ceremony of the 160th anniversary of Tissot watches. Blessing Tissot watches continue to dominate the watch market with the imperial trend, and they wear the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch’ on the day of the event. The perfect combination of sophisticated craftsmanship, professional watchmaking technology and fashion The body, combined with the design of the world’s 24 time zone, symbolizes the expansion of the layout to the world as a leader, echoing perfectly.

     Chen Xiaodong, Tissot Watch Taiwan Deputy General Manager Anisa and Tissot Watch Global President Mr. Tian Bao held a watch donation ceremony.

       TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D skeleton watch, suggested price, NT $ 58,000.

Tissot 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition Centennial Classic Time Gallery

 Tissot’s long history and complete product production line can almost be said to be a ‘national watch’ in Swiss families. In order to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot watches are specially transported from the museum of Le Locle, the place where the watch factory originated. Fourteen precious antique watches are air-conditioned to be displayed on the 8th floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 Hall for four days. Take the brand story as a tribute, share and witness the 160-year history of Tissot watches. The Tissot Watch 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition exhibited a century-old classic time corridor, which perfectly witnessed the legendary time of Tissot Watch, and also presented the most gorgeous time feast for the 160th anniversary milestone. The exhibition time on the 8th floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 Hall is from 11/14 to 11/17. Friends who like Tissot watches are invited to come and appreciate it.

    Tissot 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition