Month: January 2010

Paul Picot: Customize A Commemorative Watch For Inter Milan

A special event worthy of this special watch. The highly respected Italian football club FC Internazionale has selected Paul Picot to produce a special watch for him. This watch must have excellent functions while reflecting the value orientation and years of the world-renowned club. Tradition. This watch is Paul Picot Technograph F.C. Internazionale.
FC Internazionale’s legendary success is unparalleled: he has won fifteen times in the Italian Football Championship, three times in the UEFA Cup, two times in the UEFA Cup and two times in the World Cup. Inter Milan has nothing to do The question is whether it is the most successful football club in Europe or the only Italian club that has never been relegated to the second division since its establishment. It is not only these countless successes that shape the myth of Inter Milan, but also the emotion and love that this club carries.

Emotion and love also represent Paul Pico’s watch. ‘The noble details’ is the highest philosophy of the brand’s watch design, and every watch perfectly reflects this purpose. Paul Picot Technograph F.C. Internazionale is one of the finest examples. He perfectly combines great watchmaking skills with original designs, in other words, embodies emotion and love. This watch features an impressive stopwatch design. It consists of a dual dial with hour and minute displays in the center of the dial. On the upper dial, F.C. Internazionale’s logo for the anniversary of Inter Milan is a combination of gold, black and blue.

The real-time seconds and minutes of the stopwatch function are on the lower dial and on the two half-moon-shaped large counters. Small seconds can be read at the nine o’clock position on the left. The short end of the hand (the end that acts as a balance) indicates the first thirty seconds of the inner circle, then disappears behind the central dial at twelve o’clock. From this moment on, the long end (arrow end) of this watch hand then functions as a second hand and is displayed on the outer circle for thirty seconds. This is the role of this complex system. Thirty seconds later, at the end of the sixtieth second, the arrow disappeared behind the central dial at twelve o’clock. At three o’clock, there is a thirty-second timekeeping device with the same function. The only difference is that the first fifteen seconds are displayed on the outer circle and the next fifteen seconds are displayed on the inner circle. This Inter Milan watch uses a sturdy stainless steel case, 18K rose gold or white gold, with the inscription ‘1908 – 2008 Cento Anni Inter’ (on the bezel), representing that this watch is a gift to this legendary club .

Technograph F.C. Internazionale is designed and produced by Paul Picot. It is limited to one hundred rose gold models, one hundred platinum models and two hundred and eight stainless steel models. Each watch is numbered, further demonstrating that this watch is unique. This exquisite watch will debut in the Swiss BASELWORD Basel world in 2008.
Source: PaulPicot